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wELCOME TO Big Day Fitness

Big Day Fitness is training with a purpose. Our goal is to help you move better, feel better, and look better than ever before. We believe you can get the results you have always wanted without spending endless hours in the gym.

Every client begins their first session with a movement evaluation and overall lifestyle assessment to help custom tailor the program to their own specific needs. Ready to stop wasting time trying to "get it done" on your own?

what makes BIG DAY FITNESS different?

Our members describe Big Day Fitness as "The Different Gym", we don't just throw you on a treadmill for 30 minutes and expect results to happen. We work with you every step of the way with built-in nutrition and accountability to create a holistic environment to realize the results you have always wanted.

Are you ready to skip the guessing in fitness and endless hours in the gym?

Here what we offer!

1-1 Accountability & Support
Unlike any other gym or trainer you have worked with before, we keep you accountable to every session & workout to guarantee results.

Personal Attention In Every Session & Class
In every single session we take into account your personal goals, exercise history, and injuries to craft a truly personal experience.

We guarantee every single dollar you spend with us, no weird awkward memberships that lock you in for YEARS! We have easy to understand month-to-month terms on every membership we offer.

Event Preparation
Need help getting ready for your "big day"? We're here to help. If it's a wedding or even a marathon, we're here to help you get in shape and get it done!

Growth Mindset Coaching
Sure we can get you fantastic results in every session, but we also will also coach you to reduce stress, and impact your day-to-day mindset.

Safe Strength Training
Our professional staff is certified and always learning the latest science-based principles to get you the most efficient results out there.

Boxing Cardio Classes
Fun engaging varied classes to burn away your body fat and make you feel amazing.







Bobby gasdia

bobby gasdia


Cage Titans Welterweight

MMA Champion

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Certified Functional Movement Specialist

NAGA Champion

what people are saying

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“Big Day Fitness was the best decision I’ve made in years. Bobby first met with me to understand my fitness level and then customized the group classes to fit my level. The workouts are almost as amazing as the people. I highly recommend Big Day Fitness to anyone trying to get in shape, or trying to get in the best shape of their lives. You won’t find a better place.”

- Joshua Orleans

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“I love working out at BDF.  Bobby and Maria are great trainers who are knowledgeable and take the time to make you feel comfortable.  Interval strength training has been so beneficial for me and I love the boxing cardio workouts at the end.  Bobby and Maria have created a wonderful community at BDF, I look forward to continuing to get stronger there.  💪🥊.”

- Jamie Brady

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“Started working out w/Bobby in January 2021.  I'm almost 50 and was feeling it.  Always tight, lower back issues, constant injuries, and just felt really tired.   Bobby's program of stretching, weight lifting, and cardio has helped me to move again.  I wake up with no pain, my lower back issues have significantly improved and i'm able to exercise again without injury.  Can't say enough about the trainers on staff.... while it's work, they've managed to make it fun.”

- Chris Healey

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"I’ve been going to Big Day for a few months now and it’s been great seeing Bobby and Maria twice a week.  Bobby has been a great trainer for me…he listens, assesses, comes up with a plan, puts it to action and continues to monitor. For me, the challenge I brought to Bobby was, how do I change the way I exercise now that I’m in my 40s, so that I stay in good shape/strong, but don’t continue to injure myself using the same exercises I’ve used since my teens. He’s introduced a number of dynamic exercises and routines I’ve never been through, and keeps it all interesting, integrating balance, core, strength and cardio, which has contributed to some really great results already. I highly recommend Big Day to anyone looking to get in shape in a healthy, balanced way."

- E. Clev

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“I have been going to Big Day Fitness for almost two years now! Bobby and Maria are so welcoming to all of their clients. Sometimes, going to new gyms is intimidating, but not BDF. They are both extremely knowledgeable and work with their clients and their individual needs. I always leave feeling stronger, but never in pain. I know that Bobby and Maria keep in mind each individual's abilities and help them build their strength from there. Boxing has been an incredible workout for me and a fun release from our busy lives. I highly recommend BDF if you are looking for a fun, interactive work out that not only builds you physically, but mentally too :)”

- Ms. Fagan

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"Big Day Fitness is an incredible gym! The small group classes are both challenging and accessible to all skill levels. Bobby and Maria take such care to assess each member and work to help us all with our fitness goals. Big Day Fitness classes offer so much variety for a true whole body work out and supportive community. I’m personally grateful for their help in rehabbing my knees and support with modifications. The group classes are motivating and fun. I highly recommend Big Day Fitness to anyone trying to get in shape, create healthy habits and/or looking to add to their wellness routine."

- Jill Mazmanian